A story that begins with Dave Grohl, Stewart Copeland and a mattress could potentially equate to quite the steamy interlude.

Unfortunately this tale is not of the sexy variety. Although this collective did result in some form of baby-making; in a manner of speaking.

A pair of drumsticks, a mattress, a chair and a few of her favourite records is where it all started for 15 year old Jen Foster. Combined with the encouragement of her music fanatic parents; particularly her Father who would often provide detailed narratives of his old drumming days and explaining the wonders of paradiddles and a finely tuned snare-drum, Jen unknowingly soaked up the information and began applying this knowledge.

These are some of the components that started paving the way for drummer Jen Foster. Sitting in her bedroom for 3+ hours a night playing along to everything from The Police to Nirvana to The Pretenders.

Fast forward a few years and Jen found herself touring with numerous bands around the world (both indie and major label) and performing as a studio musician on countless recordings both behind the kit and on vocal harmonies. Within this time Jen was fortunate enough to obtain personal endorsement deals from Sabian Cymbals and Pearl Drums.

Currently she is still hard at work in the studio with various artists and devotes much of her time to her most current Vancouver-based band Low Spin who had the honour of working with super-hero producer Howard Redekopp and collaborating with Tegan Quin from Tegan & Sara. The band also just wrapped up a tour with UK import The Joy Formidable.

Jen is available for professional inquiries and is always ambitious to record and perform with talent of all sorts.

She has toured and recorded with many delightful musicians including:

LOW SPIN (2009-present)

Dating Myself (2011-present)

The Flairs (Bad Reputation/Universal/Pacific Music 2003-2009)

Todd Fancey (Recording drummer for solo project from guitar player of The New Pornographers; recording set to release 2013)

Lovers Love Haters (Recording drummer for Self-titled solo album by Debora Cohen from The Organ 2009 and forthcoming alum set to release 2013)

Ready Set Die (Recording drummer for albums “Ready Set Die” (2008) and “Forever and Always” (2012)

Secret Revolution (Recording drummer for album “Epic” 2011)

Love For Money (Touring and Recording drummer 2009)

The Barn Owls (Recording drummer for album “Smart Things are Pretty” 2005)

Tuuli (Linus Entertainment/Warner Music 2001-2002)

And many many more….

Jen has also recently started developing her acting chops. She is on the roster for Vancouver-based talent agency Webster Talent and recently worked on an episode of CBC’s Arctic Air alongside Gene Simmons‘ offspring Nick Simmons-Tweed. Episode to air in Spring of 2013.


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